We stopped shipping Air Cargo years ago.  
The Stress, long flights,layovers & extreme
temperatures were too much on our puppies.

We are blessed to have a Flight Service
to fly our puppies to their fur-ever homes.
Our "Puppy Nanny" and "Puppy Manny" fly with
your puppy in their lap and deliver to you at the
closest major airport that flies American Airlines.
Your puppy is in the best of hands, monitored
and cared for the entire trip!
So for not a lot more money than a cargo flight
you get personalised constant care.  
I take care of all the arrangements to make the
trip home safe and easy!
Please feel free to contact me about this
wonderful service.  828-980-3783

Of course you are always welcome to come to
our home to pick-up your puppy.
We have had people from all over the USA
make the beautiful trip to North Carolina.
From Canada to Alaska!!!!
Now those two were "Road Trips!"  

We are happy to recommend Hotels in the
area if you wish to stay overnight.